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Success Story

Panagis Pandoras: a wealthy psychiatrist, from a publishing background, charming and unscrupulous. Tzortzina Tzelepi: an unemployed actress, daughter of a bourgeois couple, beautiful and determined to succeed. The two of them, despite being polar opposites, suddenly fall in love, recklessly and passionately, and get married. Tzortzina, in a desperate effort to fit in Panagis's world, denies her true self. Her creative dead-end, combined with a difficult pregnancy, completely transform her as she is starting to realize that nothing in her married life is as she imagined. The radical change in financial terms, Panagis's father suicide over debt , and Panagis's upcoming involvement in politics, sharpen their differences. The admiration, passion and attraction, have now given their place to disappointment, isolation and antagonism. Then, the ruthlessness starts, and their love story ultimately becomes a tale of revenge and hate, as they both resort to extremes, in order to survive.​

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