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Lacta: Taste of Love

Aris, a lonely 48-year-old man, lives with a young and beautiful woman, ELLi, who anticipates and fulfils all his desires without asking for anything in return, since she is a robot. The movie "I gefsi tis agapis" (Taste of Love) takes place in the future, in 2038. Android ELLi has a perfect human form and has the most advanced artificial intelligence. She is the ideal personal assistant, having access to all Aris' data in the Cloud. The moment when ELLi's operational system is upgraded with Artificial Emotions, she starts experiencing feelings, and strongly wants to learn "what love is".

Aris tells her that love is the worst evil that can happen to people but when she- out from nowhere- presents him with a Lacta chocolate and asks him to describe her its taste, as ELLi claims she is a robot and cannot taste anything, Aris gives in and remembers all the details of his love life. This is a film about everything that makes us humans, about all those elements that differentiate AI from the human nature, about the true taste of love and the power of forgiveness.



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